Medicare Provider Enrollment Compliance Conference


Avoid Missing Medicare Revalidations by Monitoring Available CMS Tools

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Every five years, each Medicare-enrolled provider and supplier must revalidate their information on file with CMS. CMS provides notifications of a provider’s or supplier’s upcoming revalidation in multiple ways, but many times organizations and individual practitioners solely rely on the letter mailed or emailed from the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). This can be a recipe for […]

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CMS Issues Notice of Revised CMS-855R

On February 6, 2019, CMS issued a notification that the paper Form CMS-855R version will be changing. The current Form CMS-855R, version 4/16, which is used to enroll and deactivate practitioners from the Medicare program, is one of the most common Medicare enrollment forms utilized. Changes to the form version include the addition of a […]

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