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Avoid Missing Medicare Revalidations by Monitoring Available CMS Tools

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Every five years, each Medicare-enrolled provider and supplier must revalidate their information on file with CMS. CMS provides notifications of a provider’s or supplier’s upcoming revalidation in multiple ways, but many times organizations and individual practitioners solely rely on the letter mailed or emailed from the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). This can be a recipe for disaster. 

Letters are mailed to the correspondence address on file or emailed to the contact person.  If this information has not been kept up to date in the enrollment file, you may never receive the letter. Or if you do, it likely will not provide you enough time to respond in a timely manner. 

Additionally, the DMEPOS enrollment form is the only form that currently has an “attention to” field for revalidation letters — so routing a revalidation letter received to the appropriate person can prove challenging.

CMS created a revalidation lookup tool where every Medicare-enrolled provider and supplier, and whether or not they have a revalidation due date, can be found. This lookup tool is the most authoritative site to determine when a revalidation is due.  If you have surrogacy access in PECOS, this information can also be monitored in the revalidation notification center.

As the Cycle 2 Medicare revalidations start to wind up over the next couple of years, there are still a large number of Medicare providers and suppliers left to revalidate.  Be sure to use all the CMS tools available to you to ensure your revalidation is completed in a timely manner and to avoid losing your billing privileges.

At the Medicare Provider Enrollment Compliance Conference, April 27-30, 2020 at the Phoenix Convention Center, we will demonstrate the CMS tools available to monitor your revalidations. Plus, we’ll provide tips for completing your revalidation correctly the first time so there are no gaps in billing.  Visit for more information and to register.

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